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Let's go Walkabout


That's the exciting new theme of this expansion.

First previewed in the Story Packs (The Ghost That Stole Lightning, and The Fire In Which We Learn), Locations are the first new card type outside of the Widget Ridge core set.

Let's explore those now, along with the new rules associated with Locations.

Locations are shuffled into the Marketplace deck. When a Location is revealed on a Market Space, it remains on that space. A new Marketplace card goes on top

For example: A player buys Solar Powered. The replacement comes up, and it's The Statue of Dexicus Maximus. Dexicus remains in that space, and another Marketplace card goes on top. It's Battle Corset. If somebody acquires Battle Corset from this space (while Dexicus remains on it), that player may use the additional ability of paying an extra (2) to install Battle Corset in their Workshop! When someone does buy the Corset, another card will replace it like normal.

Locations remain in the space until one of three things happens:

-Another Location comes up in the same space. If this happens, the newest Location replaces the oldest one.

-The Location card is moved to another space. Currently there's only one card that does this. Locations can only be moved to a space that doesn't have a Location on it.

-The game ends. (Yeah this one's a bit obvious but I'm a rules nerd.)

When a Location leaves play, put it in the Marketplace Melted pile.

The Walkabout pack contains 8 Location cards. This was tested with a 60-80 card deck (the core game, and the Faraday Square expansion). You don't have to add a pack for 3-4 players but we recommend it if you want to see Location cards come up regularly.

The pack also contains a rules card, and 6 brand new Invention cards. 2 copies of Aesthetically Pleasing Surveillance Balloon with a GPS.

All of these new Inventions interact with Locations in some way. Surveillance Balloon gives you more Spark if a Location is in play, and the other two both have the Walkabout ability.

Walkabout is very simple. If this Invention is on a Location, you can acquire it without paying the Gold cost.

The last cool thing (and the coolest IMHO) is that the Locations are all named for (or by) real-life Kickstarter backers! They helped bring our game to life, and now take their place as the Founding Fathers and Sisters of the city.

Each has been inserted into the lore as a character that was aboard the RMS Ivan Thomas when it crashed into the volcano over a hundred years ago. Their heroism and drive (as well as deliberate ignorance of clear and obvious danger) created the city. They will never be forgotten.

We are taking preorders for the first print run of Walkabout right now. We will also have limited amount of Walkabout packs available at our PAX East 2020 booth!


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