Characters can be found in Widget Ridge Story Packs and our NEW Emergence Character Packs.


Each Story Pack contains two unique characters, each with their own Beloved Widget and Gadgets.  Story Packs also contain a Location card and alternative Goal cards for 2-players.  Each pack has its own unique story that revolves around its two characters, pulling you into the lore of Widget Ridge!

Emergence (Coming Soon!) Character Packs contain three new characters with their Beloved Widgets and Gadgets, and including new inventions that can be added to your Marketplace deck!





When using characters in gameplay, a player chooses which character they want to play, and starts the game with the selected character card face up on the table between the two players. Character cards stay face up during the game and never leave play.  Each player then replaces cards from their 10-card starting deck with their chosen character's unique starting cards.  This includes the Beloved Widget and two Gadgets, based on their starting card numbers.














When playing with characters, you should include the assigned Beloved Widget and custom Gadgets. 


Lets now look at the character card:

  • Banner - This graphic identifies the school of engineering the character is aligned with.  

  • Card Type - This symbol is used to indicate that the card is a character card.  

  • Linked - This symbol is used to indicate the character has a Beloved Widget linked to them.

  • Ability Icons - These icons are used to represent the actions needed to trigger one or both of the character's abilities.

  • Character Abilities - When a Widget, Gadget or Invention card is played with a matching icon, it triggers the character's first ability.  Playing a second card with same icon during a single turn will trigger the character's second ability.  Each ability can only be triggered once per turn. 


Keyword Abilities



Starting with Story Packs, we introduced Keyword Abilities.  These abilities can be found on any card and are typically in a Bold and Italic font.  Here is our complete list of keyword abilities:





Locations are shuffled into the Marketplace deck.  When a Location is revealed, it remains on that space, and a new Marketplace card is placed on top.  The Location card acts in every way like a blank space, except it has an additional effect. If a Location appears on top of another Location (in the same space), discard the oldest Location. Location cards cannot be melted unless a card or effect specifies.


Example: You acquire Wood-Burning from the leftmost space.  The replacement card is Ward Manor.  Ward Manor stays on that space, and you overturn another Marketplace card to replace it.  Ward Manor will remain there, modifying that space until it leaves play.

Locations cards are optional and are not required to be played to enjoy the character experience. 




Goal cards are optional win conditions and rule adjustments that alter your gameplay experience. Players should agree to play with these alternate Goal cards, and if an agreement cannot be reached, the goal defaults to the first player to obtain 100 Spark.


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