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Widget Ridge Tournaments

Interested in running a Widget Ridge tournament at your store or upcoming convention?   Well then, we wanted to provide some guidance on what you’ll need to run a successful event.   Depending on the number of players, you can run a Swiss, or Single Elimination tournament.

Our recommended formats include:

  • Small tournaments (4-8 Players) are best suited for single elimination unless participants have the time to commit to a Swiss-like format. 

  • For large tournaments (8+ Players) we’d recommend Swiss with a top 4/8 depending on the size. 


Each match is a 1v1 standard game, using our basic Starter Set with or without the FSI expansion.  We do not recommend playing with Characters or additional expansion cards.  

We do offer a tournament kit (supports up to 8-players) for events that include 4 x Starter Sets, 8 x Promo cards, and a Playmat for participant/prize support.   Tournament kits are $25 and include free shipping in the continental US.

With our tournament kit, players will not need their own cards or decks to participate.   If you are running a larger event (16+), contact sales at for additional tournament support options.

Have a rule or card question? Visit our frequently asked questions page for the latest Q&A, card Errata’s, or email us at .



2022 Promo Card

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