Sets and Expansions

Widget Ridge Starter Set

Widget Ridge is a fast-paced, steampunk, deckbuilding game with crazy inventions that connect together, creating a larger, crazier invention. The game is set in a steampunk world, full of Beloved Widgets, Inventions, and whimsical fun for all ages!  With over a 100 combinations of Inventions to be made, be the first to build your full construct and generate enough Spark to win the game!

Each Starter Set contains enough cards for one or two players.  Want to add more players? Just combine two starter sets and you can play with 3-4 players.  The starter set contains (2) 10-card decks for each player, 60 marketplace cards, Spark Tracker cards for each player, 3 goal cards, 1-single player campaign boss and 1 game rulebook.

$19.99 (MSRP)

Story Packs

Story Packs change the way you play Widget Ridge by adding two new types of cards.  Characters are one of the new card types that allows you to play as a character in the game. Characters comes with 3 custom starting cards that replace the cards in your deck.  Locations are the second new card type and add additional effects to your Marketplace row. 

Story Pack: The Ghost that Stole Lighting

Play with characters Amelia and her Beloved Widget Scraps, or Maximilian with his wonderful steampunk leg!

This pack contains 11 cards: 2 Characters, 2 Beloved Widgets, 4 Gadgets, 2 Locations, and 1 Goal Card

$4.99 (MSRP)

Story Pack: The Fire In Which We Learn

Play with characters Lady Luna (who's not a Vampire) and her Beloved Widget Serenity, or Alistair and his amazing Lightning Rod!

This pack contains 11 cards: 2 Characters, 2 Beloved Widgets, 4 Gadgets, 2 Locations, and 1 Goal Card


$4.99 (MSRP)  


Faraday Square Incident Expansion Pack

Our first Widget Ridge expansion that includes all the unlocked stretch goal cards from our 2019 Kickstarter.  

This pack contains 20 invention cards: 2 x Gravity-Powered, 2 x Shovel Cannon, 2 x on Stilts, 2 x Cheaply-made, 2 x Static-Powered, 2 x with a Space for Advertising, 1 x Gas-Powered, 1 x Glitter Cannon, 1 x and it has Pockets!, 1 x Engineering Anvil, 1 x Street Cleaner, 1 x Pastry Oven, 1 x Treebuchet, and 1 x Static Powered 

$9.99 (MSRP)

WalkAbout Expansion Pack

This expansion pack is full of Locations!  These Locations are all named for (or by) real-life Kickstarter backers! They helped bring our game to life, and now they take their place in the game as the founders of the city.

This pack contains 15 cards: 8 x Location Cards, 6 x Invention Cards, and 1 x Rule Card


$9.99 (MSRP)  

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