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Meet the Characters of Widget Ridge
Alistair Gaines

Alistair Gaines is a very talented engineer with a death wish. Most of his inventions make something go very fast and smash into something else that isn't. Sometimes Alistair is one of those objects.

Alistair is part of the Church of the Flying Cog, but he is no longer allowed to use their workshops. He currently rents out the back room at Gil's Bakery, and tries his very best to not set it on fire.

The Velocitron is Alistair's current project. He has become obsessed with aviation, and tries to fly every day. He recently crashed into a volcano but he's ok now.  His greatest invention is a portable power source he calls the Lightning Rod. Alistair designed it to be adaptable to any power flow situation, and it has saved his life many times.

Alistair has recently started dating Lady Luna Ward. Since then, he has been attacked by a robot turkey vulture four times.

Amelia Pettengill PNG.png
Amelia Pettengill

Most people in Widget Ridge don't know she exists, and the ones that do know nothing about her, calling her things like "The Ghost of Ward Street". Very few people know Amelia's name.  Amelia Pettengill is a 15-year-old autistic engineer. She doesn't know a lot of technical terms, though she seems to understand every engineering principle in a way she can't express verbally. Amelia doesn't attend church, but she appears to identify with the Church of the Flying Cog, which was founded by Mariah and Jackson Pettengill so this hardly seems a coincidence.


Amelia lives in a series of hidden workshops that she has constructed all around the city. She spends most of her time talking to herself and her beloved widget, a robot corgi named Scraps. Amelia built Scraps herself, and also built Scraps an Alsatian Suit that he can climb inside when he wants to be more vicious and intimidating.


Amelia's only human friend is Martine Covington-White. Martine looks in on Amelia from time to time, and sees herself in a big sister role. Casey Vicksworth is obsessed with finding Amelia, and is often thwarted by Martine when he is not thwarted by Amelia herself.


Recently, Maximilian Ward was able to track down Amelia and have a conversation with her. It didn't end well for him.

Arcturus Russell-Allenby.png
Arcturus Russell-Allenby

Arcturus is a well-dressed visitor with a mysterious past. He claims to have been raised in Widget Ridge, but records of that time have been lost in the volcano. He wears the emblem of the Church of the Ember Sky.


Arcturus arrived recently in the middle of a crisis, and thanks to his equipment and leadership, the attack on Nat Fairbanks Observatory was thwarted. He has since offered his services to the current City Defender, Knight-Captain Covington-White.


Arcturus has a sculpted metal plate covering part of his face. He is usually accompanied by a robotic pit bull puppy called Bastion, who is a goofball that likes tummy rubs.

Bryan Witte Hume

Bryan is the current Lead Instructor for the Church of the Dream of Stars, being gifted the position from his friend Marcel Mouchot Laroche.  Bryan is descended from Charles Witte and Mary Masters Hume (herself descended from Australian explorer Hamilton Hume).

Mary Masters-Hume came up with the educational framework for the three churches, and served as the first Lead Instructor for the Dream of Stars. Bryan continues that legacy. He is passionate about education, and strives to push his students. Bryan was a pioneer of holograph-based technology, and uses it as a teaching device. His research into digital storage methods led to the creation of the Bibliocopia, a large holograph generator that he uses as a reference when teaching.

Casey_Vicksworth PNG.png
Casey Vicksworth

The Vicksworth Family control the volcano mines in Widget Ridge, and Casey is the defacto leader (since he's the only one willing to talk to people despite hating everything about talking to people). Casey has been investigating a wild conspiracy theory concerning the nature of Spark, and often runs afoul of the Knight-Captain.

Jules Alabaster.png
Jules Alabaster

Sir Jules Alabaster spent most of his formative years on the seas of Cayamar, helping establish trade routes with nearby colonies that weren't afraid of machines. Upon his return, he served as Shadow City Defender for seven years before taking the position of instructor at the Church of the Flying Cog. Jules is always wearing his Fire Gauntlet, which he finds an effective tool for getting the attention of rowdy teenage students. Jules was instrumental in training Martine Covington-White in sword combat and horse riding, and occasionally helps her on her investigations. Jules has recently commissioned the Sword of Clan Alabaster, which is intended to be a family heirloom.

Lady Luna Ward PNG.png
Lady Luna Ward

Luna Ward is part of one of the richest families in Widget Ridge. She is a clothing designer that specializes in corsets. Her Battle Corset line is considered an engineering marvel and is popular with both men and women. Luna Ward always dresses elegantly, and is either several hundred years old or in her late 20s. Definitely one of those two.


Nobody knows why she is called "Lady Luna". However, nobody wants to argue the point with her since the title fits her quite well. Luna Ward also has an inexplicable Scandinavian accent.  Luna is often accompanied by a nightmarish robot turkey vulture that she named Serenity.


Luna Ward recently decided she was quite smitten with daredevil inventor Alistair Gaines, and would express this interest by shooting at him with the city air defense cannon that is mounted on the roof of Ward Manor. They are now dating.


Luna Ward is definitely not a vampire. I mean, why even bring it up?

Nikobi Rose

The legend of Nikobi Rose is an old one. A thief that steals new technology and leaves copies of the blueprints for anyone to find. Nikobi Rose came under notice over 80 years ago when the newest

mecha-corset design was stolen from Lady Michaela Ward's workshop, only to show up in the marketplace the next day. In modern times, a figure can sometimes be seen climbing buildings and swinging from grappling hooks. This can't be the same Nikobi Rose, and yet...

Marcel Mouchot Laroche 

Marcel is the current leader of the Church of the Dream of Stars, after the sudden retirement of his Aunt, Zora Mouchot. Zora (as you all no doubt remember) perfected the solar globe technology used in Widget Ridge.


He is a distant relative of Augustine Mouchot.  Before his promotion, Marcel had been the chief instructor for the church's engineering school as well as the Chief Strategist and Shadow City Defender (serving as City Defender when his Church is chosen to fill that role).

Marcel is a generally well-liked man, though his role in the church often involves injecting a healthy dose of reality into the ideas of his most energetic students. Marcel intends to run for the office of Mayor of Widget Ridge at the next election. Marcel's Beloved Widget also serves as his portable toolbox. A giant spark-powered bunny called Hastur.

Martine Covington-White

A distant relative of the first mayor of Widget Ridge, Martine is the current City Defender, and the head of the Order of the Flying Cog. She doesn't consider herself an engineer, having not studied at all since graduating. Instead, Martine taught herself more useful skills such as sword combat, military tactics, and investigation procedures. Martine has managed to strike up a friendship with the mysterious Amelia Pettengill, whom she protects as though they were family. Martine does not like Casey Vicksworth, but then again nobody really does.

Maximilian Ward

The Ward family is one of the richest in Widget Ridge, headed by legendary inventor Francis Ward. The family is descended from Sir Philip Ward who co-founded the Church of the Ember Sky.  Max Ward is a tall, handsome man in his mid-20s. He has a wooden leg that he combined with his prime widget and modified over the majority of his life. Max often uses his leg to fly through the city, and it can be used as an emergency power source as needed.

While his family has traditionally been part of the Church of the Ember Sky, Max recently switched his allegiance to the Church of the Flying Cog because his design philosophy more closely aligned with that school. He is an excellent engineer, and has designed many of the city's power generating facilities (including the Lightning Spire).


Francis Ward recently retired, and turned control over Ward family affairs over to Max when Max's older sister Lady Luna Ward didn't want to deal with them.

Victoria Grimard-Payne 

Victoria is an accomplished astronomer in the Church of the Dream of Stars. She is also an instructor in the church, and has a passion for teaching the Advanced Volatile Liquids class.

She is descended from the city's first astronomers, Alexander Grimard and Moira Payne. The twin moons of Cayamar were named Grimard and Payne after them, despite the moons already having names for several thousand years.

Victoria is sometimes known as "Sir Victoria", since she is also the current Knight-Captain for the Church of the Dream of Stars. She was nominated because of her more violent...err...energetic tendencies. While Victoria has no real interest in being City Defender, she quite likes the honorific and insists that people use it.

Victoria's Beloved Widget is her clockwork goose, Couscous. There is a story behind the name, but if you ask Victoria to tell it, be prepared for around six minutes of unhinged laughter.

Will_Alessi (2).png
William Willard Aless

Also known as “The Fixer”, “The Wanderer”, and “The Most Annoying Person in Widget Ridge”, William is an amiable chap and an excellent engineer. He loves to wander around fixing things, whether they be problems or machines. He often does so without asking permission first, but he does not care. He’s helping!

XL Sora
XL Sora

A mysterious visitor to Widget Ridge has been seen wandering the streets at night, mostly around the Sydney District and Ward Street. He seems to be wearing armor under his clothes, and carrying a hand weapon of some sort that he will occasionally fire into the air, seemingly at random. He has sometimes been overheard speaking to himself, and has been dubbed XL Sora by those brave enough to get close to him.

He is often accompanied by a small robot corgi. We are as confused as you are.

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