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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I lose my remaining gold?

A: Gold doesn't go away until the end of the Full Construct Phase, so you can pay Full Construct gold costs with any remaining gold that you have.

Q: How do I play with more than 2 players?

A: Each copy of the Widget Ridge base set supports 1-2 players. If you want to play with 3-4 players, you’ll need two copies. To keep the game balanced, we recommend a minimum of 90 cards for 3-players and 120 cards for 4 players.  See 3-4 Player Rules for additional setup  instructions.

Q: Can I replace a card in my Workshop with an identical card?

A: Yes, you can upgrade something with another copy of that card. It's one of the strategies to buy inventions like Corset and Cargo Rocket and continually drop them into your workshop.  It can pay off very well, but it's also risky since Devices aren't useful until you connect them to something.

Q: Do I have to play every card from my hand before I can start connecting them in my Workshop?

A: No, as soon as you play a card, you can then choose to connect it in your workshop.  

Q: Do I play cards to my Workshop?

A: Technically no. You play cards face-up in front of you (the In-Play area) and you may move cards to your Workshop as you wish.

Q: Do players get to choose which cards to discard, or is it random?

A: If a card effect or ability forces a player to discard a card, that player chooses which card to discard.

Q: Why do all the Basic Widgets look different and have different names if they do the same thing?
A: Because it looks cool. Also: Each Starter card is numbered in the bottom corner 1-10. Your starting deck must contain cards numbered 1-10, and at some point, we may make different Basic Widget cards.


Q: If I trigger two connection bonuses at the same time, what happens?
A: You resolve one effect completely, then the other. EXAMPLE: If you trigger Battle Corset twice, you would draw 1 card, discard 1 card, then draw 1 card, and discard 1 card. You wouldn't draw 2 cards then discard 2. cards. (You also gain 3 Spark twice)


Q: How many melted piles are there?
A: One, plus one for each player. Everybody has their own melted pile, which only contains cards from their Starter deck. If a Marketplace card is melted (from anywhere), it goes to the Marketplace melted pile. This allows players to reset the game easily once it ends.


Q: For Perfectly-Balanced, do I count Widgets my opponent has melted?
A: No, the card specifies your pile.


Q: How does the Full Construct ability of Grappling Hook work? What if my opponent doesn't have a Full Construct?
A: Grappling Hook just copies the Full Construct effect on a single card. It doesn't have to be part of an actual Full Construct. It can also copy one of your effects.


Q: What if I choose to copy Grappling Hook's Full Construct ability over and over?
A: You can do that if you want, but the game won't continue until you choose another card to copy.


Q: If I trigger Butter Gun twice, then drop in another copy of Butter Gun (since we're playing more than 2 players), what happens?
A: Butter Gun would trigger 2 additional times. You would gain 6 Spark, melt the Butter Gun, then gain 6 more Spark. (The ability doesn't care that a different Butter Gun did the first two triggers, but you would only melt the Butter Gun that triggered the 3rd time)

Card Errata

Some of our cards abilities have needed to be modified between printings or have been corrected due to mistakes during printing. This section provides a complete list of modified cards and their latest version. Players should use whichever version of a card they have, keeping any errata in mind. 


Amelia Pettengill  ~ Story Pack: The Ghost that Stole Lighting

Cards printed in 2019 had two issues.  First, Amelia's 2019 printed card had a Spark symbol printed over her ability text.  Second, her card's ability was errata to address her second banner ability.

  • Old Text:    Your workshop can't be effected by your opponents during your next turn.

  • New Text:  Your workshop can't be affected by your opponents until the start of your next turn.


Foam Cannon  ~ Emergence:  Character Pack 3

The first batch of cards printed in 2021 had two issues.  First was a misprinted Foam Cannon added to Character Pack 2 and the Inspiration Add-on Pack.  Both have been replaced with their corrected cards.  The second issue is that Foam Cannon should of been included in Character Pack 3 as a Theoretical Device replacing Bathyscaphe.   All Kickstarter backers received the missing cards and corrected Foam Cannon.  All future prints of these character packs have been corrected.


Rules Card  ~ Emergence:  Character Pack 1

Hastur's Store # ability was incorrectly printed.  

  • Old Text:    When played or triggered, Store allows the player to take an invention card based on the # value from their hand or discard pile and store it for later use. You can only store up to 2 cards in Hastur. If Hastur is full, you have to remove a card before you can store another. 

  • New Text:  When played or triggered, choose a card of cost # or less in the Marketplace Row and store it in Hastur. You may play a card from Hastur by paying its cost. You can only store up to 2 cards in Hastur.

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