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That "Eureka" Moment.

Hi everybody, this is Ian.

We're unveiling a new card type today, or rather confirming one that we mentioned on the Kickstarter for Widget Ridge: Emergence.

It's all very exciting.

While you read through all of this, keep in mind that these cards will probably change a little. Maybe one won't make it to print. Maybe an ability will be costed differently. Maybe the character will change. Who knows?

The important thing is that we're all having fun.

Now let's talk INSPIRATION

Picture it: You're at the Marketplace, but nothing looks good. Either it's not right for you, or it's too expensive. But then you think: "What would Casey Vicksworth do? Probably melt something, right?"

Welcome to Inspirations. These new cards will go into your Marketplace deck. When they come up in a space, they're bought just like an Invention


When you acquire an Inspiration, the effect resolves immediately and then you melt it.

That's it. Quick and easy.

They don't hang around cluttering up the table.

You don't need to be playing with Character cards to use Inspirations either. Some of them will let you "borrow" part of a character's ability.

Easy enough? Or do you thrive on challenge?

OK let's make it slightly more complicated. Here's Maximilian Ward.

If you'll notice, the Spark symbol has replaced the Gold symbol in the top right corner. This card is bought with Spark.

This is something we might do for other cards in the future, but for now it just appears on a couple of Inspiration cards.

Here's a couple more rules clarifications to round things out:

-Inspiration cards can be melted like any other card in the Marketplace (except locations)

-They aren't Inventions, so things that affect Inventions won't affect them.

-You can buy an Inspiration card and choose to not use the effect (they still melt). There are reasons to do this. Some of those are you being mean.

That's all for inspiration cards. We really like these, and we know you will too.

If you haven't already, please check out the Kickstarter for Widget Ridge: Emergence.


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