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Introducing Victoria Grimard Payne

Hello everyone!

We're very excited here at Furious Tree Games! Not only does Widget Ridge arrive very soon, but we're working very hard on the next series of expansions.

Characters are a big part of that, and no fewer that 10 people backed the Kickstarter at a level that insured their inclusion as a character in the game!

Over the next few weeks we will be meeting some of them.

Let's meet Victoria Grimard Payne right now!

Victoria Grimard Payne is an accomplished astronomer in the Church of the Dream of Stars. She is also an instructor in the church, and has a passion for teaching the Advanced Volatile Liquids class.

She is descended from the city's first astronomers, Alexander Grimard and Moira Payne. The twin moons of Cayamar were named Grimard and Payne after them, despite the moons already having names for several thousand years.

Victoria is sometimes known as "Sir Victoria", since she is also the current Knight-Captain for the Church of the Dream of Stars. She was nominated because of her more violent...err...energetic tendencies. While Victoria has no real interest in being City Defender, she quite likes the honorific and insists that people use it.

Victoria's Beloved Widget is her clockwork goose, Couscous. There is a story behind the name, but if you ask Victoria to tell it, be prepared for around six minutes of unhinged laughter.

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Mar 01, 2021

Now I want to know why her widget is called Couscous.

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