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Introducing Marcel Mouchot Laroche

We'd like you to meet another one of our Kickstarter backers!

Marcel Mouchot Laroche is the current leader of the Church of the Dream of Stars, after the sudden retirement of his Aunt, Zora Mouchot. Zora (as you all no doubt remember) perfected the solar globe technology used in Widget Ridge.

Before his promotion, Marcel had been the chief instructor for the church's engineering school as well as the Chief Strategist and Shadow City Defender (serving as City Defender when his Church is chosen to fill that role).

Marcel is a generally well-liked man, though his role in the church often involves injecting a healthy does of reality into the ideas of his most energetic students.

Marcel intends to run for the office of Mayor of Widget Ridge at the next election.

Marcel's Beloved Widget also serves as his portable toolbox. A giant spark-powered bunny called Hastur.


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