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The Vicksworth Conundrum

This adventure supports both solo and cooperative, game play.  


Click here for Print and Play rules and boss card.


Average game time is 45 minutes for this co-op encounter. 

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Welcome to the Vicksworth Conundrum Adventure!  If you want to read the story that precedes this, click <here>.

Casey Vicksworth has built a forbidden device, the Doom Cannon, and it’s mysteriously powering up. Join Casey, his sister Clara, her apprentice Oyster, and Martine Convington-White as they work to stop the giant weapon from firing and destroying Widget Ridge!

Now, go ahead and read Scenario 1 and refer to the Rules & Setup once complete. 


Rules & Setup

To start, remove all Battery-Powered and “Doom” “Cannon” cards from the Marketplace deck (G). The Marketplace deck needs a minimum 58 cards for solo play, and 100 cards for co-op.  However, you can build your deck as big as you want, including using expansion cards and characters.

This scenario will refer to numbered spaces in the Marketplace Row (H). You can number them yourself, or just call the closest space to the Marketplace deck space #1 and go from there

You will need a way to keep track of the Doom Cannon’s spark (A). You can use anything available to you, or and extra set of Spark Tracks will do the trick!  Use a basic starting deck (C) (cards numbered 1-10) for the Doom Cannon (B).   Place the Battery-Powered (E) cards next to the “Doom” “Cannon”.  You'll place a Battery down based on the number of players +1.   If you don't have enough Battery-Powered cards, you can use a dice or anything to track the number of Batteries remaining in play. 

All Players start with 3-card hands, then draw 5-cards every consecutive turn after that.

Start everyone's Spark at zero.  If you are playing cooperative game (2-3 players), players share a Spark pool (O).  Players and Doom Cannon's Spark can never go below zero.

Before you start, take a look at the Play Area Setup below for additional location references.  Once complete, proceed to Phase 1 - Pull the Batteries!


(A) Boss Spark Tracking

(B) Boss Card

(C) Boss Deck

(D) Boss Discard Pile

(E) Battery Cards

(F) Melted Cards

(G) Marketplace Deck

(H) Marketplace Row (1-6)

(I) Location Card

(J) Players Personal Melted Pile

(K) Players Personal Discard Pile

(L) Players Personal Deck

(M) Players Hand

(N) Players Workshop

(O) Players Spark Tracking

Rules & Setup

PHASE 1:  Pull the Batteries


Now that the game has been set up properly, we can try and stop Doom Cannon.  The Player or Players will take the first turn.  When the Doom Cannon takes a turn, overturn the top card of its deck, and apply the listed Phase 1 effect.   Doom Cannon overturns 1 + 1 for every number of players.  Overturned cards go to Doom Cannon's discard pile (D).  


Example: In a solo game, Doom Cannon overturns 2 cards per turn.  In a 3-player game, Doom Cannon overturns 4 cards per turn.

At the end of Doom Cannon's turn, Doom Cannon gains 5 Spark for each Battery-Powered card still enabled (face up).


If the Doom Cannon tries to overturn a card from an empty deck, reshuffle the deck (as you would for a player).


If the Doom Cannon is forced to discard a card, you may take any card from its discard pile and put it on top of its deck.

If an effect makes Doom Cannon draw a card, it will instead overturn an additional card during its turn.

Ignore effects that make Doom Cannon draw and then discard a card. As well as, effects that make Doom Cannon overturn it's top card.

If the Doom Cannon gets to 60 Spark (or more) or you've disabled all batteries, read scenario 2 and refer to the Phase 2 - It's Gonna Blow!


Scenario 1

Martine looked around. “There’s a lot of stuff in here. Can you build something that will help?”


“Help to do what?” said Casey. “This is going to fire. We have maybe 15 minutes.”


“Why not pull the batteries?” said Oyster.


Everyone turned to look at Oyster.


“The batteries are storing the power, right?” said Oyster. “If we can disable those, the thing won’t have power.”

Phase 1: Pull th Batteries
Card #
Doom Cannon is boosting its power by melting parts. Melt a card in the marketplace space associated to its starting card #. Doom Cannon gains Spark equal to the card’s cost.
Doom Cannon's batteries are exposed! Pull a battery out before it goes off! Each battery seems to be connected differently and requires some creative thinking. Refer to the online table or refence card for available tactics.
Doom Cannon’s widgets are out of control and are attempting to stop you. Each player discards a card from their hand at random.

Doom Cannon Ability Table


Batter Powered Final RGB.jpg

Battery Tactics Table


You cannot repeat a tactic in the same game.  In co-op games, two different players can pay partial costs.   Example: Each player can discard a banner card to resolve a tactic. 

Pay 5 Spark.
Melt a location card in play.
Pay 10 Spark.
Discard Wood Burning from your hand and pay 3 Spark.
Melt a Demolition Widget from your hand of discard pile.
Melt a card in the marketplace row and lose spark equal to the card that replaces it.
Discard two banner cards of any combination.
Destroy an Accessory or Augment in your Workshop.
Melt a non-starting card from your hand or discard pile.
All players start their next turn with -2 gold.

Scenario 2

Amidst the flurry of activity, Clara heard a loud ‘crack’, like the first half-second of a thunderclap. “I’ve lost power,” she said.


“It shouldn’t be able to do that,” said Casey. “It’s not designed to generate an electromagnetic pulse.”


“It’s defending itself,” said Martine. “It’s drawing its own power, and if I’m not mistaken it’s taken control of your widgets.”

The noise from the Doom Cannon was now loud enough that normal conversation was impossible. The only other thing anyone could hear was Clara’s laughter.


“Is your sister actually enjoying this?” Martine yelled.


“Yes,” yelled Casey. “I think she’s adopted.”


Whatever Clara Vicksworth was working on was finished. She turned to the others, her eyes gleaming. “LET THERE BE SPARK!” she yelled, and slammed her hand onto a big, red button.

PHASE 2: It's Gonna Blow


Welcome to Phase 2.  An Electromagnetic Pulse destroys all cards in every workshop (including any Battery-powered cards in the Doom Cannon’s workshop).   


Time is not on your side, Doom Cannon's power is amplified and it's gonna blow!  You need to generate 120 Spark before it does to win the game.

If you haven't already, flip Doom Cannon to Phase 2.  The abilities have changed so refer to the table below for the new affects.

During this phase, you can lose control of your Widgets, so be at the ready.  Refer to the Widget table below for the corresponding effect if triggered.

Card #
Doom Cannon is boosting its power by melting parts. Doom Cannon melts a card in the marketplace space associated to its starting card #. Doom Cannon gains Spark equal to the card’s cost multiplied by the number of players +1. Melting a gadget from your hand will reduce the multiple by one.
Doom Cannon emits a ear piercing noise causing all players to discard their hand. Each player draws a card -1 for each card discarded this way.
The electromagnetic pulse has caused some of your Widgets to lose control. Each player melts a Widget from their hand or discard pile. Refer to the online reference table for each effect.
The giant cannon starts to raise causing the ground to shake! Destroy all player workshops.

Doom Cannon Ability Table


Phase 2: It's Gonna Blow
Astral Widget
Doom Cannon gains 5 Spark.
Demolition Widget
Destroy a card in your Workshop.
Helpful Widget
You gain 3 Spark.
Library Widget
Melt the top card of the marketplace deck. Lose Spark equal to the cards printed cost.
Mining Widget
Start your next turn with +2 Gold.
Safety Widget
Doom Cannon draws a card.

Widget Effect Table


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