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Chaos at Ward Manor

This adventure supports both solo and cooperative game play.  


Click here for Print and Play rules and boss card.


Average game time is 45 minutes for this co-op encounter. 


Nobody knows why Francis Ward's laboratory exploded, but the chain reaction has sent all of Ward Manor's Security Widgets haywire!  Help the engineers from Church of the Ember Sky and Flying Cog de-power Ward's laboratory before the chaos spreads! 

Rules & Setup

Rules & Setup

To start, the Marketplace deck (E) must include a minimum of 60 cards.  However, you can build your deck as big as you want, including using expansion cards!  If you're playing with Emergence characters, make sure to include your Emergence invention cards which can help improve your character's abilities to trigger!

An optional print and play boss card (B) is available in the downloadable PDF rules.

This scenario will refer to deploying a Security Widget to a free Marketplace space (C).   Security Widgets are deployed to any free space starting from left to right of the Marketplace Deck (E). You can use tokens, cards, dice, or just about anything to represent a Security Widget.  We've included a set of Security Widget tokens that can be printed out for your convenience in the Print and Play rules.

You will need a way to keep track of Ward Manor's spark (A). You can use anything available to you, or an extra set of Spark Tracker cards will do the trick! 

Cards purchased or melted from a Security Widget guarded space triggers an additional security bot to be deployed. 


All Players start with 3-card hands, then draw 5-cards every consecutive turn after that.  


Destroy card effects may be used to destroy a Security Widget without being Drained.  This removes it from the guarded space in the Marketplace row (F)Example: Wood-Burning can be used to disable a Security Widget if you pay its 3 Spark cost. 

If a card effect causes Ward Manor to discard a card, it loses 3 Spark instead.

If a card effect destroys anything in Ward Manor’s Workshop, you may melt a card in the Marketplace instead.  (Note: This will trigger a security bot if the space is guarded.)

Ward Manor wins if it reaches the required Spark before the players do.   Players have a shared Spark pool.

  • Single Player: 80 Spark

  • Two Players (Co-Op): 160 Spark 

  • Three Players (Co-Op): 240 Spark

Character adventure mode adds an additional banner ability to your character card (H) to help you complete the adventure.  These are optional but can greatly improve your chances of winning!

  • Ember Sky Characters receive the following additional Character ability:

Once this turn, Destroy a Security Widget without being Drained.  

  • Flying Cog Characters receive the following additional Character ability:                    

Once this turn, you may buy a card from a Security Widget protected location without triggering Drain.

Before you start, take a look at the Play Area Setup below for additional location references.  Once complete, proceed to Game Play.


(A) Boss Spark Tracking

(B) Boss Card

(C) Security Widget Tokens

(D) Melted Cards

(E) Marketplace Deck

(F) Marketplace Row (1-6)

(G) Location Card

(H) Character Card

(I) Players Personal Melted Pile

(J) Players Personal Discard Pile

(K) Players Personal Deck

(L) Players Hand

(M) Players Workshop

(N) Players Spark Tracking

Game Play


Now that the game has been set up properly, you now must de-power Ward's laboratory before the chaos spreads!  


During each players turn, Ward Manor goes first by deploying a Security Widget to a Marketplace space, starting from the closest to the marketplace deck. Ward Manor melts the invention in that space and gains Spark equal to its cost.  The overturned invention's school of engineering (Flying Cog, Ember Sky, Church of Dreams) then triggers one of Ward Manors abilities.  Refer to Ward Manor's Abilities below.

If Ward Manor reaches six deployed Security Widgets it triggers its Nova Protocol, melting all cards in the Marketplace row, including locations, and gains Spark equal to their combined cost multiplied by the number of times Nova Protocol has triggered!  TIP: Keep those Security Widget in check otherwise a second Nova Protocol may be your last! 

Phase 1: Pull th Batteries

 >> TOP  <<

Ward Manor's Abilities

Nova Protocol: Ward Manor melts all cards in the Marketplace, and gains Spark equal to their combined cost.  Ward Manor ends it's turn.

(Church of Dreams) You discard one card.  If Ward Manor has 4 or more bots in play, discard an additional card.

(Ember Sky) You lose 3 Spark.

(Flying Cog) Ward Manor destroys all cards in your workshop.  You may discard a         or        gadget from your hand.  If you do, you may prevent one invention of your choosing from being destroyed.


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