Single Player Game

The Faraday Square Incident


It’s the annual Festival of Three Churches, and someone has activated the statue of Lord Admiral Sir Eustace Covington! Normally Lord Covington is activated only on his birthday, and there isn’t enough coal nearby to placate him. The statue is going berserk in Faraday Square, and if left unchecked, he could explode!


As the inventor that would have certainly been named Engineer Laureate, it’s up to you to somehow generate enough Spark to overload Covington’s heart and shut the statue down.


However, Covington has broken the Bison Pen, and several Mechanical Bison are also going berserk in the marketplace. You must stop the bison!

PHASE 1:  Mechanical Bison Stampede

Setup: Remove the three Mechanical Bison cards from the Marketplace deck and lay them in your opponent’s play area.  Shuffle both starting decks of 10 cards each.

When Lord Covington takes his turn,

  1. The Bison destroy the Marketplace row causing the cards to be removed and added to the melted pile and flipping over 6 new cards. (This only happens once per turn, no matter how many Bison there are.

  2. Overturn the top card of his deck and compare the Starter # to Table 1 to see what Covington does. Obey all instructions to the best of your ability.

The player starts the game with 5 cards in their opening hand.  During this Phase, If the Marketplace Deck runs out of cards you lose the game. You must disable the 3 Mechanical Bison before the Marketplace is destroyed and them move to PHASE 2 Lord Covington.

Disabling the Mechanical Bison: Each Bison is disabled as you reach a level of total Spark.

  • 10 Spark – 1 Bison Disabled

  • 20 Spark – 2 Bison Disabled

  • 30 Spark – 3 Bison Disabled. At the end of your turn move to phase 2


   1: Lord Covington heats up. You must melt a Widget in your hand or discard pile.

2-7: Lord Covington punches the ground, knocking everbody over.  All Players lose Spark equal to the number of Bison still in play.

   8: Lord Covington crushes the balloon vendor’s cart, popping all the balloons except one. You start your next turn by drawing an extra card.

   9: Lord Covington shakes his fist at some cheeky zeppelins. You start your turn with 2 extra gold!

 10: Lord Covington gets tangled in some bunting. You start your turn with 3 extra gold!


PHASE 2:  Lord Covington

The Bison are disabled, but you must now chase down Lord Covington. Before you leave the smashed Marketplace, you may take one Augment or Accessory from the Marketplace Melted pile and put it in your deck. Then count the rest of the cards in the Marketplace Melted pile. The number of cards here now becomes Lord Covington’s Spark total.


Your goal is to generate 100 Spark to shut down Covington’s heart.



  1. Calculate Lord Covington’s Spark total

  2. Shuffle all the remaining melted cards (row and melted pile) back into the Market Place deck (including the 3 Mechanical Bison) and refresh the Marketplace row. Remember that your Starter cards don’t go to the Marketplace Melted pile, so don’t shuffle in your widgets!

  3. Reset Lord Covington’s starting deck.  Pull starting card 10 from the deck, shuffle the deck, and place starting card 10 on the bottom of the shuffled pile.


When Lord Covington takes his turn,


  1. Overturn the top card of his deck and compare the Starter # to Table 2 to see what Covington does. Obey all instructions to the best of your ability. Lord Covington's power is based on the number of cards in his discard pile.

  2. Overload! Lord Covington consumes inventions (closest to the Marketplace deck moving right to left) based on his power in the Marketplace row and gains Spark equal to their combined cost.    


Lord Covington is heating up! His Thermal Energy is equal to the number of cards in his discard pile. Remember to track Covington’s Spark!





   1: Lord Covington becomes confused by some birds. Lord Covington ends his turn and you may draw a card.

2-5: Lord Covington belches fire, scaring several cats.  All Players lose 2 Spark plus Lord Covington’s Thermal Energy total, and Lord Covington gains Spark equal to what was lost.

   6: Lord Covington throws a brick at you! It destroys all cards in your Workshop.

7-8: Lord Covington vents steam. You must discard a card from your hand.

   9: Lord Covington shoots fire from his hands. You didn’t even know he could do that! You must melt a card from your hand.

 10: Lord Covington reaches critical and explodes! You have failed.



Rule Adjustments:


  • If a card effect causes Lord Covington to lose Spark you may gain that much gold instead.

  • If a card effect causes Lord Covington to discard a card, you may draw and discard a card instead.

  • If a card effect destroys anything in Covington’s workshop, you may melt a card in the Marketplace instead.

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